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Once approval for Singapore Citizenship is given, the applicant must renounce his/her foreign citizenship and register for Singapore Citizenship before officially becoming a Singapore Citizen. The applicant may also apply for an Identity Card and Passport at this time.

Documents Required
For Citizenship Registration

Original and a photocopy of the Renunciation letter of foreign citizenship and/or letter stating the surrender of the foreign passport from the authorities concerned (not applicable for applicant below 21 years old and for applicant whose nationality is "stateless")

For Identity Card Application
For Passport Application


  • You will be notified of the Citizenship outcome by post. An appointment date for citizenship registration will be arranged. 
  • You will be advised to renounce your foreign citizenship at the respective Embassies/High Commissions in Singapore. 
  • On the day of appointment, proceed to:

Citizen Services Centre
Registry of Citizens, Counter 7 or 8 
6th Storey, ICA Building  
10 Kallang Road 
(Next to Lavender MRT station) 
Singapore 208718 

  • Obtain a Q-Number for verification of documents and complete registration/application for the following:  
    • Singapore Citizenship
    • Identity Card (Refer to Register for Identity Card for more information)
    • Singapore Passport (Refer to Apply for Singapore Passport for more information)
  • Take the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty before the Commissioner of Oaths

  • You will be required to attend a Citizenship Ceremony organized by the Group Representative Constituency (GRC) at a future date. The citizenship folder comprising Citizenship Certificate and Identity Card (if applicable) will be presented to you by the Guest-of-Honour.


S$70 for Citizenship Registration
S$10 for Identity Card
S$80 for Singapore Biometric Passport (Refer to Apply for Singapore Passport for more information)

Please make payment by NETS or CashCard

Processing Time
Within a day for Citizenship Registration.

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Last updated on 07 Jul 2017